Turk Radyo Dunyasi

TRD – Türk Radyo Dünyası (tr. Turkish World Radio) brings 5 channels of Turkish music to UK Radio Portal.

Türk Radyo Dünyası is a Turkish radio service established in 2002, providing 5 channel of radio services to over 1 million listeners across the world each month.

Joining UK Radio Portal allows TRD to provide their music services to ex-patriots and others interested in listening to Turkish music.

The 5 channels appearing on UK Radio Portal are:

  • TRD 1 – Türk Radyo Dünyası’s primary channel, playing Turkish Pop music from the 90’s to mid-00’s, and specialist programmes in the evening
  • TRD 1 Ekstra (Extra) – TRD’s secondary channel, which follows a similar schedule to TRD 1, but offers a 6-hour time shifted service for listeners in different time-zones, in which Pop music is maintained in their daytimes
  • TRD 2 Altın (Gold) – Playing Turkish popular music from mainly the 60’s  and 70’s
  • TRD 3 Sanat (Classical) – Play Turkish classical music, know as Türk Sanat Muziği
  • TRD 4 Halk (Folk) – Playing Turkish folk music

Türk Radyo Dünyası will be available to compatible Freeview TV’s across the UK, in the International section of UK Radio Portal.

TRD (Turkish World Radio) joins International section of UK Radio Portal