UK Radio Portal offers two pricing models; one for regional & national radio services, based on ITV regional coverage, the other for community radio services based on Local TV coverage.

We are currently offering services at a discounted rate from the published prices below.

Please contact us for a quote or to find out more.

The following information has been provided to help prospective customers ascertain monthly operating costs, which we can provide in a formal quotation.

Please note, obtaining a formal quotation, (even if this requires revision), secures the icon location /prominence of icon position, on UK Radio Portal, as these are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.


  • A single ITV or STV region is charged at £100 +VAT per month, with the exception of London, which is £250 +VAT per month
    • Multiple ITV regions, (2 to 5), except London are discounted by 50%, so it’s more cost effective than simply doubling the cost of a single ITV region
    • Northern Ireland & Wales are single region areas, so are charged as single ITV regions, at £100 +VAT per month each
    • Scotland comprises of 3 Regions available as either single ITV/STV regions, or as a bundle, for £250 +VAT per month
            • 1. Border (Scotland)
            • 2. STV Central Belt, comprising of
              • STV Central (Edinburgh & East)
              • STV Central (Glasgow & West)
            • 3. STV Highlands, comprising of
              • STV North (Aberdeen & North)
              • STV North (Dundee & Tayside)
    • England comprises of 16 ITV regions, and is charged at £500 +VAT per month
    • Full national coverage is charged at £750 +VAT per month

New regional/national radio stations will be listed in the Featured section for 1 month, making them available across the UK. The Featured section is available to regional and national radio stations subscribing to annual billing.

Regional & national radio stations are listed in the Regional and National sections respectively of UK Radio Portal.


  • Local TV coverage areas are categorised into 7 pricing tiers, based on population coverage
    • Charges are typically between £20 +VAT per month and £95 +VAT per month, dependent on location
    • Since Local TV for London, (London Live), coverage does not cover the Home Counties as well as  ITV London coverage does, thus Local TV London is charged at for £200 +VAT per month
    • For community radio stations that do not have a Local TV service available in their area, we offer access to ITV regions with a listing in the Local section of UK Radio Portal





UKRP has implemented a 50% discount for Hospital Radio and Student Radio stations

  • Hospital Radio stations must be HBA members, and Student Radio stations must be SRA members in order to qualify for this offer
  • OfCom licenced radio stations broadcasting on FM,SS-DAB or other broadcast networks, (e.g. Local DAB), are not eligible this offer
  • Radio services mapped against a single Local TV area will range from £10+VAT to £47.50+VAT per month depending on location, preferably paid annually in advance
  • Where no Local TV service is available in the hospital or educational facility coverage area, mapping of the radio service against a single ITV region will be made available for £50+VAT per month for all regions except London, and £125+VAT pm for London, preferably paid annually in advance
  • Hospital & Student Radio stations will be listed in the “Local” section of UK Radio Portal