UK Radio Portal offers two pricing models; one for regional & national radio services, based on ITV regional coverage, the other for community radio services based on Local TV coverage.

To help prospective customers ascertain monthly operating costs, (which we can provide in a formal quotation), we have put together the following information:


  • A single ITV or STV region is charged at £200 +VAT per month, with the exception of London, which is £750 +VAT per month
    • Multiple ITV regions (2 to 5) are discounted, so it’s more cost effective than simply doubling the cost of a single ITV region
    • Northern Ireland & Wales are single region areas, so are charged as single ITV regions, at £200 +VAT per month each
    • Scotland comprises of 3 Regions available as either single ITV/STV regions, or as a bundle, for £500 +VAT per month
            • 1. Border (Scotland)
            • 2. STV Central Belt, comprising of
              • STV Central (Edinburgh & East)
              • STV Central (Glasgow & West)
            • 3. STV Highlands, comprising of
              • STV North (Aberdeen & North)
              • STV North (Dundee & Tayside)
    • England comprises of 16 ITV regions, and is charged at £1000 +VAT per month
    • Full national coverage is charged at £1500 +VAT per month

New regional/national radio stations will be listed in the Featured section for 1 month, making them available across the UK. The Featured section is available to regional and national radio stations subscribing to quarterly billing.

Regional & national radio stations are listed in the Regional and National sections respectively of UK Radio Portal.



  • Local TV coverage areas are categorised into 7 pricing tiers, based on population coverage
    • Charges are typically between £100 +VAT per month and £140 +VAT per month, dependent on population
    • Since Local TV for London, (London Live), coverage does not include the Home Counties as ITV London coverage region does, Local TV London is charged at for £480 +VAT per month
    • For community radio stations who do not have a Local TV service available in their area, we offer access to ITV regions at a discounted rate, with stations still listed in the Local section of UK Radio Portal






We are currently in discussions with the Student Radio Association (SRA), to develop a pricing model suitable for colleges and universities.