We have endeavoured to make the on-boarding of radio stations on UK Radio Portal as simple as possible.

Below are the elements that radio station broadcasters will need to provide to UK Radio Portal in order to join the service.

Licence-Related Information:

Ofcom licence number or Compliance letter

Copyright licence details

          Please click here for PPL website for more information about online radio copyright


Audio Stream Information:

MP3 stream URL’s – ShoutCAST or IceCast format

          http and https formatPlease see our FAQ for more info

          Preferably 128kbps or 192kbps


Textual Information:

Up to 18 character service identifier – radio station name, as shown on TV screen

Up to 2 lines of 18 characters each, service location information – for UKRP website listing

Radio station slogan or strapline – for UKRP popup player

Radio station Facebook, Instagram & X/Twitter ID’s/links – for UKRP popup player


Logos & Images:

320 x 240 px logo with 320 x 60 px blank safe area at bottom for service identifier overlay in PNG format – for TV channel selection screen

          Filename format: stationname_320x240.png

Up to 10 poster images for carousel in 1280 x 720 px in PNG format – for TV player screen

          Filename format: stationname_poster01.png | stationname_poster02.png | etc… 

                    Minimum 1 poster image required for service launch. More can be added later.

120 x 120 px logo in JPG format – for UKRP website listing

          Filename format: stationname_120x120.jpg

370 x 112 px logo in GIF format – for UKRP website popup player

          Filename format: stationname_header.gif


Please send files by email or wetransfer to updates@ukrp.tv

Updating Images

When updating images, please send a full image pack as a zip file containing the filenames & number in rotation order, e.g.





This ensures images on rotation appear in the order chosen by the radio station, and not by UKRP.

Please send files by email or wetransfer to updates@ukrp.tv