LASER558, the online station recreating the 80’s pirate, is now available on Freeview channel 277 via the UK Radio Portal.

The station, which recently launched, uses modern technology to remaster recordings of original Laser 558 DJs from the 80’s to introduce the music today.

Laser558 Director Steve Bannister says: “We’re thrilled to bring LASER558 to even more listeners via UK Radio Portal on Freeview Channel 277.

“We aim to bring back the nostalgic sound of LASER558 to the UK airwaves, and to the people who voted with their ears against traditional stations at the time. Broadcasting on Freeview via UK Radio Portal allows more people to access the nostalgia of LASER558.”

LASER558 is now available across England on Freeview channel 277.


Online radio station LASER558 launches on Freeview