Ouse Radio was born in 2019 during the Lockdown, and went live in 2022.

The founders of Ouse Radio, friends Stevo, Darren and Nikki came together in 2019 with a love for music, leading to  Ouse to be created as a local station for Bedford and surrounding areas, and worldwide via the Internet.

With plans to join DAB+ in the near future, Ouse Radio has joined  Freeview channel 277  as part of their journey to increase their reach and presence in their local area.

Osman Sen-Chadun, Managing Director of UK Radio Portal commented, “With the changes over the last few years affecting the state of local radio, we are proud to welcome new-generation local radio stations to Freeview via UK Radio Portal as they also prepare to join DAB+ as it proliferates across the UK.  We are complimentary platforms enabling local radio stations to increase their reach and presence into listeners homes, with the added benefit of the visual element for marketing and advertising.

Ouse Radio is now available across the ITV Anglia East region on UK Radio Portal.


Bedford’s Ouse Radio joins UK Radio Portal on Freeview 277