UK Radio Portal has been designed to support MP3 audio streams; the same format as used by most radio stations to deliver streams to websites or mobile devices.  This should allow the broadcaster to measure stream usage in the same manner as they usually would.

In a few cases, some radio stations have created a separate URL from their streaming servers or streaming providers, in order to measure TVs separately to their online or app streams. However, we do appreciate that this may not be possible for all radio stations.

One workaround we have successfully tested with a radio station joining UK Radio Platform is to append their stream URL with a query string, e.g. ?platform=freeview.  So, a stream URL would look something like:


In most cases, analytics systems should be able to identify this URL separately, allowing radio stations to use the same MP3 audio stream that they use on other devices on the UK Radio Portal, whilst being able to track usage separately.

We do have a third-party integration for analytics currently being developed, and will be releasing this as an option to customers in the future. Unfortunately, it’s not quite ready yet, but we will announce this as soon as it is.

As a radio station, how can we measure the usage of streams served to TV’s?