Sanity Radio is a straight-talking radio station for people who are tired of political correctness and people who are offended by everything!

In a world where political correctness has reached new heights and people seem to be easily offended by just about anything, Sanity Radio emerges as a refreshing and unapologetic voice. In the midst of an increasingly insane society, this radio station boldly takes a stand against the prevailing culture of hypersensitivity and overbearing agendas.

Sanity Radio prides itself on its straightforward and no-nonsense approach to broadcasting. It’s a haven for listeners who are weary of walking on eggshells and yearn for a space where they can express their thoughts without fear of judgment or backlash. Here, freedom of speech is cherished, and political correctness is left at the door.

Unlike many other media outlets, Sanity Radio refuses to jump on the bandwagon of trendy identities and fictional creatures. The station has no interest in identifying as cats, vampires, shapeshifters, or warlocks. Instead, it focuses on what truly matters: delivering entertaining content and playing an eclectic mix of incredible music spanning the last three decades (well, approximately).

Comedy takes centre stage at Sanity Radio, with a lineup of fun shows and witty banter that will keep you smiling throughout the day. The station’s presenters are unabashedly loud-mouthed, unafraid to speak their minds, and always ready to challenge prevailing narratives with their unique perspectives. Listeners can expect thought-provoking discussions, controversial debates, and interviews with intriguing guests who aren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers.

Sanity Radio is now available across England on Freeview channel 277.

Straight-talking Sanity Radio is now available across England