Southampton community radio station Awaaz FM is Asian broadcasting with a distinct difference, as most of the station line up is targeted to specific communities from India and Pakistan.

Awaaz FM caters for specific tastes of music from North India (Punjabi), Afghanistan (Pushto), Pakistan (Urdu), English as well as traditional Bollywood music (Hindi).

Awaaz FM is a community radio station broadcasting in Southampton and surrounding areas to the ethnic minorities in the city. We have a range shows that is suitable for everyone wherever you come from. We broadcast on 99.8 FM, online and DAB and we are now proud to work with UKRP to have radio on the TV set. This will no doubt mean more people are able to access our services easily, readily and with ease from the comfort of their home. Check out our website for more details on this exciting venture and to learn more about the station:“, Ali Beg, Project Manager – Awaaz FM Community Radio

Awaaz FM will be available to compatible Freeview TV’s in the That’s TV Solent & South Coast coverage area

Southampton’s Awaaz FM joins UK Radio Portal