Regional & National radio stations are entitled to update images each month as part of their standard service offering.

We appreciate that Community/ Ultra-Local radio stations may not wish to do this so regularly, therefore to keep costs down for these radio stations, image updates are not included as part of the service.  Instead, a small one-off charge is incurred as required.

This charge covers our time for testing in advance of going live, and compliance checking to ensure on-screen content, (e.g. advertising), is in-line with the OfCom Broadcast Code.

Will be investigating the development of a system allowing customers to update images themselves,  but this will need to have technical quality checks built-in. During the development of the portal, we found that some TV’s really do not like incorrectly formatted images (reboot loop!), , thus we currently check all of this before putting images live.

Also, images, particularly those containing advertising, need to be compliance checked to ensure they meet with OfCom rules. This is something that we currently undertake manually as we check customer images before putting them live.

How often can I change the HD images on the TV screen?