Some of the original team behind Radio Wyvern have brought back the radio station name back in place of community service Youthcomm Radio.

Muff Murfin has teamed up ex-Wyvern presenter Paul Ellery to make the move. Sammy Southall was back for one day only to open the station for the second time 40 years to the minute after he opened it the first time around. A unique moment in broadcast history!

The original Radio Wyvern, named after the River Wye and River Severn, (and the mythical beastie the two-legged two-winged dragon that used to inhabit the valleys), started broadcasting 40 years ago but became Free Radio in 2012. On October 4th 2022, the 40th anniversary of its launch, Youthcomm Radio made way for the new Wyvern service.

Paul Ellery, programme director of said that the new Wyvern will be a full-service local station employing local staff again in the spirit of the original station.

“The whole team are really excited about the relaunch on what would have been Wyvern’s 40th birthday,” he said.

The new team now owns the trademark for the service and has the blessing to use the name from Bauer.

Youthcomm Radio launched on 106.7FM in 2008 and is licensed as a community radio station for Worcester.

Radio Wyvern is now available across the ITV Central West region on UK Radio Portal.

Wyvern Radio extends it’s reach via Freeview channel 277