Centreforce 883 is a former pirate radio station, now legally broadcasting to London, North West England and North Wales. It was instrumental during the Second Summer of Love period of acid house and rave music culture in the UK.

Centreforce first broadcast on 8 May 1989, from Newham, East London on the frequency of 88.3 FM. In its short time on air (it ceased broadcasting little over a year later around June 1990), it became the “first seven day rave station”, and a pivotal part of the scene, promoting all of the big M25 raves of the time such as Genesis, Energy, Sunrise, and Biology. Regular DJs on the station included Roger the Doctor, Kenny Ken (Players Kenny), Danielle & Rochelle, DJ Randall, Keith Mac, Gary D, DJ One, Corporation Dave, DJ Huggs, DJ Connie, Hermit, and Jazzy J.

Having returned once again throughout 2017 hosting weekly shows online, as of December 2017 Centreforce announced that they had been awarded a license to broadcast to London on DAB. As of 14 July 2018, it commenced broadcasting on the Switch London 2 digital radio network. On 19 June 2020, the station launched on the Northeast Wales and West Cheshire MuxCo radio network.

Centreforce 883 is now available across the UK on UK Radio Portal.

Global dance music station, Centreforce, joins UKRP across the UK