GlitterBeam Radio is a radio station aimed at the LGBTQ+ community, playing anthems and featuring a variety of speech formats and topics.

Whilst aimed at the LGBTQ+ community, GlitterBeam Radio can be enjoyed by everyone. Their claim is “Music With Sparkle” as they don’t play the usual mainstream playlist, but only big anthems.

Offering a variety of shows, live and pre-recorded, on different themes, every show has a specific format, which makes every show unique.

They develop shows in-house but also open up their platform to other presenters.  Offering opportunities to aspiring presenters, they provide guidance, help develop skills in presenting, editing, broadcasting laws and regulations,, and then provide airtime. Their shows offer an incredible variety of topics that can be interesting, quirky and interactive… a lot of shows you would not find in mainstream media.

GlitterBeam Radio will be available across Scotland & Kent local TV areas

GlitterBeam Radio joins UK Radio Portal